Badaboom Twist # 162, 163 and 164

I'm back after a long absence. I was busy posting pages in French on my blog Même Les Robots Se Brossent Les Dents
To the few readers who had the patience to wait, here are 3 pages ! 3 PAGES ! 
I promise, I won't make you wait like this anymore. I HAVE to finish this part of the Badaboom Twist saga.
It's like therapeutic comics for me and like in any therapy, there are long periods of time when nothing-NOTHING wants to come out.
IT is there inside but for some reason it doesn't want to come out.

Also, I will be busy soon working on the next compilations of this blog. As you probably know, the first two issues came out a LOOOONG time ago. It's time for issue 3 and 4 and ...

Take care,