MoCCA 2011

I'll be at MoCCA this week end in New York and ... I'm exhausted... I guess.
I've been working non stop this week to reprint Badaboom Twist #1 and #2. I also compiled a new issue of Badaboom Twist. Yes ! finally Badaboom Twist #3 is out !
26 pages of autobiographical comics from late 2008 till February 2009!
As soon as I come back from New York, I will update my Paypal/shop link if someone wants to order issue #3.
I still have plenty of pages to make a lot more Badaboom Twist compilations. I intend to do at least 2 more before the end of my fellowship here in Vermont.
Take care everybody !


Anthony Woodward said...

Can't wait to get my hands on #3!

Mike Lynch said...

I wish i had known, David! Sorry to say I'm away that weekend, otherwise I would be at MoCCA Fest. I would have enjoyed saying hello and buying the first round. Here's hoping our paths cross someday ....

Alex Noriega said...

hey, I bought these at TCAF in Toronto. I love your work.