Badaboom Twist # 162, 163 and 164

I'm back after a long absence. I was busy posting pages in French on my blog Même Les Robots Se Brossent Les Dents
To the few readers who had the patience to wait, here are 3 pages ! 3 PAGES ! 
I promise, I won't make you wait like this anymore. I HAVE to finish this part of the Badaboom Twist saga.
It's like therapeutic comics for me and like in any therapy, there are long periods of time when nothing-NOTHING wants to come out.
IT is there inside but for some reason it doesn't want to come out.

Also, I will be busy soon working on the next compilations of this blog. As you probably know, the first two issues came out a LOOOONG time ago. It's time for issue 3 and 4 and ...

Take care,


HELLO Everybody !

I have 30 seconds to tell you that I will participate today to my fourth 24h comics ! Yes ! About 40 cartoonists will sit in a big room and each will draw 24 pages in 24 hours !!

It will take place in Brussels and you can see all the participants via webcam and read their stories live here.
You can also listen to it here.

24 hours of radio dedicated to comics! woaw! ok it's in French but still... 

I should  be on the air around 8.00 pm (2.00 pm us eastern time) with Max who just came back from a wonderful and productive year in White River Junction, Vermont. He will talk to us about his year as a fellow at CCS.

Please feel free to leave comments on GrandPapier as you read the stories created today.